Earlier Productions
Sammi’s Story   1995. 14 mins.  Directed by Margaret Dickinson.
Documentary about a young cystic fibrosis sufferer. For Channel 4 TV Schools. Runner up for RTS award 1996.
You Didn’t Answer My Question  1994.
 Improvised drama training video.  For the Institute of Linguistics.
1    Speed. The coming of the railways to 1900.
2    Company and Nation.  Competition, road against rail and rail against rail, 1900 to 1945.
3    Nationalisation. 1945 to 1952
4    Modernisation.   How plans to modernise railways were undermined.  1952 –1960.
5    Beeching.  The cutting of the rail network 1963 to 1968 and later results.
6    Tram Towns. Triumph and decline of tramways 1870s - 1960s.
7    Cars and Concrete. Buchanon and the policy of re-modelling towns for the car.
8    Capital City. The special case of London. 1870 onwards.
9    Limited Change.  The ‘social railway’, Tyneside metro and   South Yorkshire buses.
10    Whose Loss? About the main trend of policy, the emphasis on the private car, loss of other forms of mobility, the impact on environment.  
Other News   1990 50 mins. Co-directed byIke Bertels and Margaret Dickinson.  
Documentary on community journalism in India and Jamaica. A co-production with a Dutch Producer for Channel 4 TV and IKON (Holland)
Losing Track   1985.  Series of 10x30mins. programmes on transport policy in Britain for Channel 4 TV. Directed by Margaret Dickinson; Presented by Kerry Hamilton
Steel Lives   2001 45 mins.  Directed by Massimiliano Mollona.
A study of Sheffield steel workers.
Screened at Sheffield International Film Festival, October 2001.  Screened and commended at the RAI Festival in Durham 2003.