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About Marker
Marker Ltd. was founded in 1983. Its main business is the development and production of documentary films, specialising in social and political subjects. It also offers research and consultancy.
From 1998 to 2001 it co-ordinated a project with European and Indian partners under the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme.
The project was known in Europe as Images in Social Change and in India as Jandarshan.  

Company  director:  Margaret Dickinson

As well as making films, Margaret writes on film and film politics. Her books on the subject are :

Cinema and the State: The Film Industry and the British Government 1927-84, (Co-author with Sarah Street),  BFI Publishing, London 1985.

Rogue Reels -  Oppositional  Film in Britain  1945 -1990 ,   BFI Publishing 1999.

She is on the advisory Board of Vertigo Magazine and was part of the group which founded the magazine.
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