The Jandarshan Project
The project was financed for three years under the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme.
Activities focussed around designing and running an experimental access training programme in low budget production in an industrial area in the state of Chhattisgarh.
After the funded project ended in 2001, the project partners helped the Indian partner,  the Deshbandhu newspaper, set up a local media centre in Raipur, also called Jandarshan.  A  grant was obtained from C-SAP (Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology, Politics}  in UK to develop films made by the former students for use in the teaching of anthropology. The resulting website includes a full account of the EU funded Jandarshan project:
Other examples are two production contracts from the International Labour Organisation which Margaret produced through Jandarshan. The results are:
Jandarshan, Raipur, undertakes sponsored production and continues to provide  training for students about half of whom are Dalits (former ‘untouchables’) or Tribals.

Women Builders (Reja) 50  mins.
Director:  Kamlesh Kumar Sahu
Documentary about women construction workers.
An article about this film can be found on:
The Images in Social Change Project, known in India as Jandarshan, or the People’s Vision, aimed to improve networking between practitioners in community media and visual anthropology and to develop the use of digital video for exploring and communicating experiences of social change.
Jandarshan and Marker continue to cooperate and Margaret Dickinson has worked with Jandarshan on several projects.  
For example, she facilitated a collaboration between the anthropologist, Peggy Froerer, and Jandarshan which resulted in  a short film exploring a village view of development and corruption.
photographs by Peggy Froerer
Accidents Don’t Have to Happen   (Durghatnayen Gair Zaruri ) - 26 mins.
Director:  Kamlesh Kumar Sahu
A short film on health and safety risks on Indian construction sites addressed to workers and contractors to promote better practice.